Othmane Sebbouh

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  1. Convergence Rates of Damped Inertial Dynamics under Geometric Conditions and Perturbations
    Othmane Sebbouh, Aude Rondepierre and Charles Dossal
    SIOPT 2020articlearXiv
  2. On the Convergence of the Stochastic Heavy Ball Method
    Othmane Sebbouh, Robert M. Gower and Aaron Defazio
    arXiv preprint
  3. Unified analysis of stochastic gradient methods for composite convex and smooth optimization
    Ahmed Khaled, Othmane Sebbouh, Nicolas Loizou, Robert M. Gower and Peter Richtarik
  4. SGD for structured nonconvex functions: Learning rates, minibatching and interpolation
    Robert M. Gower, Othmane Sebbouh and Nicolas Loizou
  5. 2019

  6. Towards closing the gap between the theory and practice of SVRG
    Othmane Sebbouh, Nidham Gazagnadou, Samy Jelassi, Francis Bach and Robert M. Gower
    Neurips 2019proceedingsarXiv